About Relentless Warrior

Mission: “Empower Your Purpose Through Mental and Physical Fitness”

The Relentless Warrior Framework

We focus on your mental and physical fitness so you can overcome adversity, mental health challenges, negative people while building more confidence, having more energy, and achieving peak performance.

1. Mental Fitness

The first step is developing the mental fortitude and toughness needed to excel inside and out of the gym.

2. Physical Fitness

The second step is to build the four components to become unstoppable in any endevour you chose both inside and out of the gym.

The Relentless Warrior Framework

Physical Fitness

Relentless Leaders

Our coachesย  and leaders are highly trained and also live to the standards we help our amazing members and community live too.

Coach Richie Contartesi

Richie Contartesi


Former Division 1 college football walk-on who went on to earn a full scholarship in the SEC at Ole Miss standing a staggering 5’7 and 150 pounds. Richie travels internationally and speaks with hundreds of thousands of people a year teaching them how to be relentless and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves mentally and physically. Richie founded Relentless Warriorโ„ข Fit to grow a community that can help each other overcome adversity, negative people, mental health, and physical challenges. He is the #1 best selling author of “In Spite of the Odds” and has been seen in the new movie “Rudy: The Walk-on”.

Coach Erica Sideri
Erica Sideri


Fittest Woman in Nevada in 2015 and 2016. Erica will help you overcome fear and obstacles to succeed in the gym and in life. Ericaโ€™s coaching style is well-rounded, and adaptable to all types of clients and athletes. Her philosophy on health and wellness revolves around not just making you look your best, but more importantly, FEEL your best. Longevity and happiness both inside and outside of the gym is what motivates her to help you become the best version of yourself. She started out as a gymnast and began her functional fitness journey 7 years ago. She has coached and trained private clients for over 6 years in Las Vegas.

Lucas Cuevas


Lucas is a former collegiate athlete that became aware of his passion for fitness at very young age in Houston, Texas. He has worked with a wide spectrum of individuals ranging from professional athletes to people simply looking to improve their overall health and wellness in a fun environment. He focuses learning about what others goals and challenges are and facilitating the achievement of what was previously thought to be impossible. A seasoned trainer in the Vegas area, Lucas has been coaching classes and training individuals for over 5 years. He is a staunch believer in functional strength development and safety above all else.

Coach Anissa Godina

Anissa Godina

Client Success Team Lead

Anissa Godina is originally from Washington state where she was a former junior college volleyball player, and head Varsity volleyball coach at her former high school. She was a 3 sport athlete with a passion for being active and competition that has brought her to enjoy lifting and physical fitness. She believes in the importance of self confidence and has gained over 30 pounds on her fitness journey. She moved from her small hometown of Toppenish, Washington to Las Vegas looking for an opportunity and found Relentless Warrior Fitness where she can be a part of a team that has the same health ideals she does.

Relentless warrior fit Jose Carillo
Jose Carrillo


Jose Carrillo started his Fitness journey back in 2009. He was overweight and struggling to find a way to lose weight. After years of struggling, he found Functional Fitness and Zumba. In just under two years, he lost 75 pounds and his life was changed forever. He created new habits, mental rituals, and a physical fitness routine. Jose wanted to give back to others struggling and began teachingย  Zumba in 2009. You can see and feel his passion during his classes. They are high energy and focus on your physical and mental fitness. Jose’sย inspiration and drive is being able to share and guide people to a healthy, fit, and strong lifestyle.
Ace Jackson
Zach Carlin


Zach Carlin has been a fitness professional for over 13 years. He has been a professional athlete in multiple sports. After his professional athlete days, he went on a journey to discover how to live a healthy life with his family. This experience has allowed him to be able to work with a wide demographic of clients over the years and help them realize their vision and potential. With certifications as a strength and conditioning coach, Nutritionist and in structural balance integration, he has the tools to push and guide you to be at your best mentally and physically.
Bryan Harris
Bryan Harris

Operating Manager

Bryan Harris has spent twenty years in media and marketing, and has managed marketing for numerous large health organizations including EverydayHealth.com, Pfizer.com, and WhatToExpect.com. He has also advised start-up CEOs in Cornell Tech’s MBA program on growing revenue fromย $0 to $5MM.ย He holds training certificates in powerlifting, kettlebell, L1, and functional fitness. His coaching style is technical, but he is funny in his own right. In his spare time, he enjoys a variety of physical activities. He’s a former rock climber and alpine mountaineer, and a current member of the United States Powerlifting Association.ย 

Patricia Castro

Patricia Castro

Front Desk, Social, & Events Manager

Patricia Castro studied events & marketing at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. While attending college in 2012 she started weight training 3-5 days a week and was amazed at the results. She fell in love with training and helped her closest friends achieve their goals. She soon realized that she could make a career out of her passion for fitness. Since then she decided to get certified and has helped, inspired, and motivated countless clients, friends, and family. Her 7 years experience has lead her to express her passion of fitness through Relentless Warrior Fitness in creating empowering events and an amazing experience for all our members.
Bryan Harris
Rick Donasales

Client Success Team

Rick decided to take the journey of personal development and improve himself a few years ago. He began his journey when he joined the Toastmasters club to improve his public speaking skills. There, he developed the competence to speak in front of a crowd, command the stage, and communicate better with others. He shortly therafter became the president and quickly realized his talent and ability to lead. In this position, he learned how to connect to his members, listen to their needs, and actually help them find ways to solve their own problems by coaching them. He enjoys coaching others to bring the best out of themselves and sometimes get out of their own way. Rick is also focused strongly on his health & fitness and has made huge strides since becoming a team member of Relentless University.
Patricia Castro

Brady Viles

Brady is a former Division 1 college football player at The University of Texas at El Paso, where he received his Bachelor’s degree from the Health Sciences Department in Kinesiology. Since graduating Brady has worked with a wide variety of clients from current NFL athletes to someone who has not worked out in years. His background of fitness started at a very young age, where he fell in love with the lifestyle. Brady has equipped himself with the necessary tools to help others succeed where they have not before. His goal is to educate and help you accomplish becoming the best possible version of yourself in all aspects of life.