24/7 Open Gym

The Only 24/7 functional fitness facility in Las Vegas.

No long term contracts. No cancellation period. No red tape. Just results.

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Work out on YOUR TIME

You can workout on your time 24/7 & 365 days a year.

Great Community

Even though you are working out on your own, you still have access to our programming and workout tracking/social media app.

Track Your Progress & Goals

Use our app to track your progress even though you are not attending any of our classes.

Easily Manage your Time

we provide The Equipment

You work on your own


β€’ You will receive a key fob

β€’ You can use the gym 24/7 just as long as their is not a class

β€’ You have full access to all the equipment

β€’ You have full access to the whole facility

β€’ We provide programming 7 days a week for 365 days a year. You can use our programming or use your own.

β€’ You can track all your workouts and compete against others in our app.

Functional Fitness Equipment & LiftsΒ 

This isn’t a traditional gym so we do not have any machines. Here is a list of all the equipment and some of the most common lifts

β€’ Powerlifting: Bench, Squat, Deadlift

β€’ Olympic Lifting: Cleans, Jerks, Snatches

β€’ Cardio: Rowers, Assault Bike

β€’ Free Weights: Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Plates, Slam Balls, Wall balls

β€’ Gymnastics: Rings, Muscle Ups, Rigs, Pull-ups, Jump Ropes, Bands

β€’ Compete against others with our daily workout tracker



We have rowers, bikes, and you can run.


Dumbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, & Plates for Strength Building.


Pull up rig for pull-ups, muscle-ups, and gymnastics movements.

Membership Options

No long term contracts or cancellation period when you become a member.

In order to provide this policy you pay your first and last 4 weeks upfront so you will never be charged again if you decide to cancel.Β For example, if you cancel, you will never be charged again and you will keep all the benefits of your membership for the remainder of your current 4 weeks and the next 4 weeks. After you have purchased your membership, we will schedule you a time to pick up your key fob. Your billing will reoccur every 4 weeks.